Five Reasons I am Relocating to New Zealand

Hi there. I'm Rachel. I'm from a little town in Massachusetts and worked in Boston for 3 years in an organic content marketing company. I love GIFs, lions and heading to concerts. Oh yeah…did I mention I am moving to New Zealand?

Looking back, New Zealand was always a fairly obvious choice for me. Nevertheless, I had to spend a little while to figure this out. Through several extensive (obsessive) Googling as well as blog reading, several things separated itself to me about this little ol' island that helped me to take the plunge.

1. This is an English Talking Country

No bueno on the second language for this girl.


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Relocating to New Zealand isn't Rocket Science

Moving to New Zealand -Rocket Lab

Australia might soon be able to access space a great deal nearer to home than in the past if a New Zealand Business called Rocket Lab has anything to do with it. They believe that by 2015 they'll be ready to launch satellites in to space for the measly sum of $5 million dollars if they are able to only entice Thirty odd rocket scientists to move to Auckland.

The “Rutherford” launch set up is named after New Zealand-born physicist Ernest Rutherford and won’t be using standard propellant. Somewhat, it'll be run by rocket-grade kerosene as well as liquefied oxygen, with an estimated 13.3 kilo-newtons of thrust.

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NewZealand dollar faces calmer week, move on Chinese data

The NZ dollar is in for a less busy week with much less market-moving worldwide events approaching.

Mixed financial data from the United States has helped the New Zealand dollar, there is however potential for a reversal with China's economy pressurized.

Following Fonterra's milk cost forecast statement on Fri, in the event it cut its forecast to $3.85 per kilogram of milk solids, the kiwi lifted against the Australian dollar from A88.70c to A89.10c.

It also rose up against the US dollar, to US65.60c coming from US65.45.

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The first time in Twenty-four years, lots more people from Australia shift to Nz for a better life since it's economy improves

Australia's warmer weather conditions far better income have prolonged lured droves of New Zealanders throughout the Tasman Sea for the exact purpose of making a better life in the 'lucky country'.

Although with Australia's economy stumbling and New Zealand's bettering, the trend has begun to reverse.

New Zealand data unveiled Thurs demonstrated that in April, the very first time inside Twenty-four yrs, 100 more folks shifted east from Australia to New Zealand as compared to shifted in the opposite direction.

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