More Aussies are now heading to New Zealand than vice versa

There has been a net inflow of migrants to New Zealand from Australia recorded in April 2015 - that's for the first occasion after 1991


May perhaps the tides bridging the Tasman be switching? In April, for the first time in upwards of twenty years, a whole lot more Aussies are moving to New Zealand to live as opposed to the other way round.


The most recent permanent and long lasting migration stats from Statistics New Zealand showcase a net regular monthly influx of 100 migrants out of Australia in to New Zealand within April 2015 - the very first time since 1991 you'll find far more Australians emerging in Nz instead of New Zealanders travelling to Aussie. The net details take into account people pouring in to reside in Nz from various other nations in addition to New Zealanders leaving for overseas, and have been seasonally tweaked.


The amount of New Zealanders crossing the Tasman has decreased by more than half in the last 2 years - from 45,700 that year to April 2013 to 22,300 that year to April 2015. Statistics New Zealand announced a net annual loss of 1,900 people in the year to April 2015 - the smallest number since 1992 and well less than 11,100 while in the identical time in 2014 and 34,100 in 2013.


Ever since Statistics New Zealand’s series originated in 1982, the largest ever net inflow it documented from Australia was 400 migrants that year to both July and August 1983.


The stream concerning the two locations can adjust in size as well as direction quickly, based on the independent research body the Royal Society of New Zealand, given New Zealand’s larger expatriate population and Australians’ unrestricted entry to the New Zealand work market along with welfare entitlements. New Zealanders’ entitlement to Australian benefit was dramatically curtailed by the Howard government in 2001.


The Royal Society recently forecasted that there had been 650,000 New Zealanders residing in Australia. Yet though countless New Zealanders do tend to spend times offshore, many inevitably return. During the year ending March 2014, about 27,300 citizens returned home following One year or more overseas - the largest number ever since the 12 months to March 1991.


Net migration to New Zealand has been generally raising in recent times, which Statistics New Zealand attributes generally to fewer citizens departing for Australia in addition to many people emigrating from other nations.


New Zealand’s economic climate is performing solidly, whilst the Australian economic system is at the conclusion of a mining boom. Mining investment is decreasing and the rest of the economy is “so-so”, reported by HSBC economist Paul Bloxham.


The population of New Zealand was recorded as 4.4m in June last year, as well as the country has been gaining around 4,500 migrants each and every month for the past six months. Unadjusted figures highlighted a record net gain of 56,800 migrants in the year to April 2015 - an increase of a little more than 65% on the earlier year’s 34,400 people. Migrant arrivals for that year had elevated by 16%, while departures decreased by 11%.

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