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Five Reasons I am Relocating to New Zealand


2. It's the Adventure Sports Capital of the World

Hiking, zorbing, bungee jumping, ice climbing, mountain climbing, trail running, biking, skydiving and more.

Yeah, we've these items everywhere (perhaps not zorbing) but...let's discuss that view! I have already been skydiving three times and I have never seen anything at all near to that!


3. Diversity in Climate

Nz has different types of climate you might think of. What makes it unique is that these types of diverse climates all live in a small proximity to each other. New Zealand only has an area of 103,482 square miles.


4. The Kiwi People

I've heard nothing but superb aspects of the Kiwi people. In fact, I met someone from New Zealand in Boston about a month back. One of the first things he explained is always that individuals will adore my accent as well as American enthusiasm. He stated that Kiwis love visitors, especially Americans. (Don't you wish that was all over the place? He seemed to be buzzing with positive energy and smiles. I am hoping that he's a sample size of the remainder of everyone there!)

The Way I imagine meeting people in New Zealand:


5. Taking a Vacation From Your Vacation

There are plenty of stunning places to visit when you over there. I mean...as you are in the region...why don't you hop over to Fiji or even Australia? Feeling a little exotic...think about Indonesia?

Worries about costs? A ticket from New Zealand averages about $350 or less!

New Zealand isn't for everybody, however I have a really great feeling about how exactly this adventure will go for me.