Living in London versus everyday living in New Zealand

It appears you might never truly get back home - because whenever you do, either it’s changed or you have.


That’s surely my encounter, having came back to New Zealand soon after dwelling in the UK for the better part of five years. Sometimes I really feel like a foreigner inside my own country - if this really is even my home nation any more - or like a Londoner located in Auckland.


Although that’s not a bad thing; it’s undoubtedly provided me a fresh viewpoint on factors.


Here I’m planning to compare and contrast residing in London with my new-found life in Auckland.


The obvious distinction is New Zealand’s largest city is a heck of a lot less jampacked than the UK’s.


Moving from a city of well over eight million inhabiters to another of around one million is jarring. Exactly where is everybody? Even on Friday and Saturday night time the majority of Auckland’s main city pubs, clubs and bars appear fairly bare.


Still, it’s good to have more room to maneuver. Shopping in Auckland is a dream, too, with the city’s serious retailing street - Queen Street - standing in sharp contrast with London’s entirely crazy Oxford Street.


Obviously, the outlets aren’t quite as good - having said that don’t care as long as I have space to maneuver.


Activities to do

There is always activities going on in London - although the same holds true in Auckland, where in one week recently the city’s Vector Arena put on the Black Keys, Mumford & Sons not to mention Coldplay.


Sport really is a lifestyle in NZ, too, so there is plenty of that on at any time of the season - even though I do miss English Premier League football (the Australian A-League competition is like amateur hour when compared).


Public television is certainly bad in New Zealand, also. It’s quite possibly bad all around the planet but it’s especially unpleasant here except if you truly love The Big Bang Theory and (generally Australian) reality TV shows.


At least television in the United Kingdom has a great deal more channels, much more assortment and greater production values. And don’t even get me started on Shortland Street, the embarrassingly popular New Zealand soap opera that’s on five evenings a week here…



Standard of living

Most people seem happier and healthier in Auckland, with apparently every man and his dog going exercising in their lunch time hours, working out for marathons in their sparetime and even participating in social sports activity in the days off.


In that way I favor the London lifestyle, where time spent in the pub isn't time wasted - especially when you’re at one of London’s very best riverside bars on a sunshine day.


The weather conditions is more preferable here, too, additionally, the River Thames isn’t almost as splendid as Auckland’s harbour, with lots of shorelines within a fairly short drive making up for the reality that the city’s parks are certainly not nearly as wonderful as London’s.


At present, New Zealand isn’t nearly behind the times as many of my English friends assume - but we definitely are behind the rest in a single really important area: the internet. It’s so slow and overpriced here.


Public Transportation

New Zealand has one of the highest levels of vehicle ownership on the planet - and you may understand why. Public transportation is, in general, drastically lacking in most parts of the country. In Auckland it’s just okay.


It’s great to be driving a car again - I never wanted one in London given that the traffic would be a nightmare, not forgetting spending for parking constantly - but I do miss being able to have a very few drinks after work and then catch the Tube or train home.


The traffic in Auckland isn’t so bad, either - although maybe that’s given it would take me an hour to arrive at work in London whereas even in the event the Auckland motorway is backed-up it only takes me approximately 30 minutes or so.


Living costs

Strangely, meals are cheaper in central London than in even countryside New Zealand. Including milk, meats, vegetables and fruit. Even so it does manage to taste better here - in particular the meat, that is just so much more flavoursome.


The money is most likely a whole lot better in London, too, however I get paid more in New Zealand than what I was in the UK. However that most likely says more about the British publishing industry, that was not necessarily in a good state when I came in mid-2008 or when I left at the end of 2011.


Rent is noticeably, less costly in New Zealand. Even dwelling in a condo in central Auckland with a view of the harbour is less expensive every month than it was to live with 6 others in a flat in Putney in Southwest London.


So which is actually a better place to live - awesome Auckland or loud London? I genuinely couldn’t inform you.


But what I will say is travel is entertaining and residing in another country is just about the best things this Kiwi has ever done. I recommend it.