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More and more people are moving from Australia to New Zealand than the opposite way round for the first time in 25 years, NZ government statistics reveal.

Even so, the amount of Nz citizens moving to New Zealand after residing in Australia is still lower than the amount of New Zealand residents leaving for Australia.

This means that the net increase in immigration from Australia to New Zealand has been largely due to New Zealand citizens coming back again, but in addition Australians and citizens of other countries relocating to Nz.

Statistics Nz analyst Melissa McKenzie says migration was influenced by numerous factors and it was hard to predict.

"[That] can make it difficult to say for sure regardless of whether we will have a net yearly gain in NZ citizens relocating from Australia [to New Zealand]," Ms McKenzie reported.

"There have been instances during the past when there was a small net gain in NZ citizens from Australia, recently the years ending in July 1991 and January 1984.

"In the December 2015 month, the NZ citizens migrating from Australia [to New Zealand] did outnumber those relocating to Australia for the first time given that December 1990."

In 2001, the Australian Government declared that Nz citizens was required to submit an application for and be granted a lasting visa whenever they wished to access particular social security payments, obtain Australian citizenship or even sponsor their family members for long term residence.
Dr Anna Boucher, from the University of Sydney, reported New Zealanders might be leaving as a result of limitations imposed on them in Australia.

"We've had these policy parameters in Australia that have not been very advantageous to Nz citizens for a long period - along with welfare limitations and kids of New Zealand citizens getting limited access to HECS," she mentioned.
"However has there been a tipping point? Possibly New Zealand individuals of the 2nd generation are beginning to get sick of [the restrictions]?"