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Wealthy persons relocate to New Zealand for security

Last year, about Two thousand millionaires moved to Nz, making the total number of millionaires in the nation to 89,000 -- a rise of 2 per-cent.

Australia could be the safest place on the planet for women to live, based on a study by New World Wealth.

In Australia, that the survey recognizes as the most secure place in the world for women, Eight thousand millionaires moved down under.

The whole quantity of millionaires residing in Australia is currently 290,000 - up 3 per cent.

According to the survey, Australia is the safest place for women because it has a strong sense of community and many people living there have a similar value system.

Australia's immigration policy seemed to be one of the most stringent on the planet, which prevented achievable woman abusers via entering the country, it said.

Social solutions and police australia wide were also very effective at cracking recorded on woman abuse.

Regarding similar reasons, Nz is the second most dependable place in the world for women to reside.

New World Wealth mind of research Claire Amoils? said millionaires have been attracted to Nz for the efficient police force, very good social services, large free media, distributed values and tight-knit areas.

?In general, other reasons millionaires moves countries had been due to financial concerns, schooling and education possibilities for their children, operate transfers, business opportunities, taxation, healthcare systems, spiritual and racial tensions, lifestyle (climate, air pollution, space, nature and scenery), and total well being.

The survey said it was a bad sign in case millionaires left one particular country for another, while they were often the first people to leave whenever times get tough.

It also has a negative impact on money outflow, because when riches leave a country, that they take large amounts of cash with them which has an effect on negatively on the local currency, local stock exchange and local property market place.

On top of that, there are generally job losses, while millionaires employ many people because a big percentage of them are businesses.

It also leads to a decrease in revenue and duty as millionaires devote a lot of money on neighborhood goods and services and shell out a large amount of income tax.