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More and more people are moving from Australia to New Zealand than the opposite way round for the first time in 25 years, NZ government statistics reveal.

Nz has experienced it's first net boost in migration from Australia since 1991, according to new data from Statistics New Zealand.

A year ago 25,273 relocated to Nz from Australia and 24,504 people relocated to Australia from New Zealand, which is a break in the historical trend of New Zealand shedding numbers of residents to Australia.

Immigration from Australia to Nz, and from New Zealand to Australia, annually for 2001-15

Many individuals moving in each direction are New Zealand citizens.

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Skilled Expats Being Asked to Move to Regional New Zealand

New procedures made to encourage skilled expats relocating to work in New Zealand to settle outside of Auckland have come in to effect.

From the beginning of November individuals applying for a visa for working and residing outside of the country’s largest city will see themselves with specific incentives as part of a strategy to boost the spread of employees, skills and also investment throughout Nz.

The changes incorporate a tripling of bonus points with regard to expert migrants applying for home with a job offer outside Auckland from Ten to 30 points as well as a doubling of points for entrepreneurs planning to setup companies in the regions underneath the Entrepreneur Work Visa from 20 to Forty points.

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Five Reasons I am Relocating to New Zealand

Hi there. I'm Rachel. I'm from a little town in Massachusetts and worked in Boston for 3 years in an organic content marketing company. I love GIFs, lions and heading to concerts. Oh yeah…did I mention I am moving to New Zealand?

Looking back, New Zealand was always a fairly obvious choice for me. Nevertheless, I had to spend a little while to figure this out. Through several extensive (obsessive) Googling as well as blog reading, several things separated itself to me about this little ol' island that helped me to take the plunge.

1. This is an English Talking Country

No bueno on the second language for this girl.


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Relocating to New Zealand isn't Rocket Science

Moving to New Zealand -Rocket Lab

Australia might soon be able to access space a great deal nearer to home than in the past if a New Zealand Business called Rocket Lab has anything to do with it. They believe that by 2015 they'll be ready to launch satellites in to space for the measly sum of $5 million dollars if they are able to only entice Thirty odd rocket scientists to move to Auckland.

The “Rutherford” launch set up is named after New Zealand-born physicist Ernest Rutherford and won’t be using standard propellant. Somewhat, it'll be run by rocket-grade kerosene as well as liquefied oxygen, with an estimated 13.3 kilo-newtons of thrust.

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