Eight must-knows before you even contemplate moving to New Zealand

Here's some useful information you may want to know prior to moving to New Zealand

1. Colder Inside when compared to Outdoors


New Zealand is a country filled with low build-quality residences, with minimum or no insulation. A good number of houses likewise have difficulties with dampness. During the summer you can feel too hot, and then in winter you’ll be cooled to the bone.


If at all possible, hold out for a modern day, insulated home - unless of course it’s one of many leaky ones.


2. A yard shed masquerading as a family house


Turning up the home heating might briefly add a degree or two of heat to your shed you now call home, but wait till you get the initial utility bill. It’s then you’ll wish you’d followed point 1.


If you’ve purchased a garden shed disguised as a home, you can insulate it, double-glaze it along with install central-heating so it will be similar to a home in another developed nation. It'll cost you a lot of money, however until you’ve resided (and frozen) in one of these outdated New Zealand houses; you can’t really understand the value of these improvements.


If you’re renting a shed, you’ll either need to pay the huge fuel bills or, as Kiwis will say: “harden up and wear another jumper” (or a coat!). Buying and using a home dehumidifier will likely be the quickest, most affordable way to make your house a little more comfortable.


3. Not for the Faint Hearted


New Zealand is geologically active, so you’re at risk from earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.


4. Voting Against New Zealand - with their feet


Thousands and thousands of men and women have relocated from New Zealand to Australia. Since New Zealand’s human population are lower than 4.5 million, that’s a lot of people voting using their feet for Australia and against New Zealand. Every New Zealand resident has the right to reside and work in Australia.


The large numbers fleeing the country lead to regular outpourings of fear in media. Short of Australia legislating against New Zealanders, or New Zealand producing North Korean style legislation, New Zealanders will keep moving to Australia, where the mining boom has continuously forced Australian income to among the largest in the world.


5. Homesickness


The number one reason for non-Kiwis departing New Zealand that we’ve observed is homesickness, usually bound up with missing loved ones. Should you have very close family or friends you are going to miss dreadfully once you relocate to New Zealand, think diligently prior to migrating because…


6. Price Gouging on Flight tickets


New Zealand really is a long way from anywhere else - totally obvious, it may seem, yet it’s something lots of people who relocate here forget about until eventually they actually get here, then they learn it’s too costly to visit family back home annually. People from the UK and USA complain that it’s less expensive to purchase return flight tickets into NZ rather than out of NZ - watch out for that if you’re planning.


7. Wrinkly Skin


New Zealand will make you wrinkly before your time. The summertime sun is extremely strong - much stronger than individuals from Europe (along with the Mediterranean) or North America are familiar with. Sun-screen is crucial, or your skin will be damaged. You will notice skin damage on a great deal of born and bred New Zealanders, a number of them not particularly old. Sunglasses will also be a necessity, since cataracts are a real danger too.


8. New Zealand will rinse your banking account


Living costs for lots of grocery and consumer items are going to be higher than you are accustomed to. The large economic climates of scale that are seen in many countries are missing in New Zealand. Anticipate your shopping bill to be more than it was and also to have fewer alternatives in virtually every shop than you’re accustomed to. Decorating and equipping a residence will also be pricey.


A light within the darkness


Too pessimistic for you?… there are more plenty of good views also. Here’s one:


We adore this country, simply because it’s gorgeous, our everyday life are too absolutely different as to what I had been through inside the united kingdom, I am my own boss, we have young children here now, I manufacture my very own highest rated wines, my wife gets paid to work with horses (her absolute dream career), we regularly negotiate for produce, our children go bare foot in school, I fish and also dive, you can ski an hours drive away, you'll have an entire beach to yourself, I get to enjoy a BBQ on Christmas day, teens say hello to me, business is done on a hand shake,… our smaller than average moderate house is the very best I ever owned, I feel like a rich man in everything except money